Mystere / Cirque du Soleil : 5 of 5

The last show my parents and I saw in Las Vegas was Cirque du Soleil's Mystere at Treasure Island, which you may have already read about since I got to be in the show! Even though I've written about that experience, I still thought I should mention that this is a great production. Mystere is actually one of the oldest Cirque du Soleil shows, and the first one to have a permanent theater in Vegas, so at first I wasn't expecting it to be that amazing (since their style has become so much bigger with shows like O and Ka), but I was quickly proven wrong. All of the essential Cirque elements are here, from incredible live music to flawless acrobatic performances, along with the usual clowns and semi-comprehensible themes. Mystere seems to be about birth, since before the show starts there are two baby carriages on stage, and the audience is soon introduced to a baby boy and girl who kind of become guides for the rest of the show. There are amazing flying acts, which are breathtaking from the front row when the performers fly overhead, and some cool pole climbing and trampoline routines, but my favorite was the intense balancing feats performed by two men. Every move they made was slow and intentional, and even though it looked so smooth, we were sitting close enough to see the agony on their faces as they did things that would completely tear normal muscles apart! The stage had some nice moving pieces that could raise and lower, but nothing as incredible as some of the more recent Cirque productions. I really enjoyed the finale of the show which features a huge inflatable snail (which the girl baby gets to ride), and it was wonderful to applaud all of the artists from the front row. Regardless of its age, Mystere is a fantastic show that no Cirque du Soleil fan should miss!

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