Donny & Marie : 4 of 5

The first show my parents and I saw during our recent Vegas vacation was Donny & Marie at the Flamingo. Even though I know I watched their show many times as a kid, truthfully I wasn't too excited about this show, but Mom really wanted to see them, and I was able to get seats right next to the stage (seriously, I was resting my arm on the stage itself for most of the show!). But surprisingly, this turned out to be a fantastic production and I was totally impressed! Of course, it's kind of cool to see familiar celebrity faces live on stage, but instead of just a simple show with the two of them singing, the stage was filled with an incredible live band and dancers, which really added to the energy of the performance! Donny & Marie are still pretty funny, and do a fantastic job ad-libbing tons of insults at each other, but their real talent is their singing voices, which are still top-notch after all these years. Marie is even trying out some operatic pieces, and sung a nice version of Pie Jesu. The Flamingo itself is one of the skankier places on the Strip, but the stage was still awesome and included some great giant screens that enhanced the show with video clips. There was lots of audience interaction, too - since we were so close to the stage, Mom and I both got to shake Donny's hand at the beginning of the show (and he even walked out on the table right in front of us), and at the end of the show we shook Marie's hand, then she pulled Dad towards the stage and planted a big kiss right on his forehead! My parents and I had an incredible time, and I was pretty inspired that someone like Donny could be in such great shape and still so talented at 51. Even if you're not a big fan, I would still recommend Donny & Marie for excellent Vegas entertainment!

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  1. Man, that trip to Vegas sounds awesome.