Alien Trespass : 3 of 5

You might not have heard of this movie, since it's an independent Canadian film with a limited release, but if it shows up at your local art theater, you should check it out, especially if you're a fan of low-budget B-movie science fiction like I am! The idea behind Alien Trespass is pretty cool, which is spelled out in a black & white "newsreel" from 1957 before the movie. This film is supposed to have been lost and recently discovered (even the movie poster claims it was made in 1957), so everything is designed to look just like a "so bad it's funny" sci-fi monster movie of that era. For the most part, they do a fantastic job with saturated colors, silly dialogue, over-dramatic music, and of course a hilarious one-eyed rubber monster suit (called the Ghota)! Unfortunately, there are two flying saucer scenes that are painfully CG, which would have been so much better if they had been shot with miniatures (with visible strings, of course!). The story is fun to watch unfold, and has all the necessary cliches including a pipe-smoking professor (who is possessed by the alien lifeform known as Erp), teenagers who discover the creature but nobody will believe them, and small-town cops who end up getting dissolved by the monster into a bubbling puddle (which always has something like glasses or a police badge in the middle of the muck). Everyone in the cast does a fine job with the campy acting, and most of the cast is made up of actors with recognizable faces, but no huge stars (the police chief was the dad in The Wonder Years, for example). I really had a great time watching Alien Trespass, and when it was over it really felt like I had just seen a vintage movie at a film festival or something, except for that CGI, which was really a glaring mistake!

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