Welcome to Macintosh : 4 of 5

Since I've been a Mac fan from my college days and I love following Apple history and lore (such as the incredible Revolution in the Valley), I knew I would enjoy this independent 2008 documentary, and I was thrilled to find it available from Netflix even though it seems to be a self-distributed release. Welcome to Macintosh is filled with fascinating interviews, featuring tons of legendary Apple employees and lots of interesting folks who embody Macintosh mania, all put together into a really well-produced and edited production, given its limited budget. Some of the "stars" include Andy Hertzfeld (author of Revolution in the Valley), who is just about the most likeable and brilliant software engineer you could ever meet, and Guy Kawasaki, who everyone knows as the first Mac evangelist (and is still a highly active voice today). Along with the former employees, there's a guy who has literally 100s of old Macs littering his home (talk about hoarding!), along with early computer store owners, an Apple I replica maker, and authors of various Apple books. It was really to cool to see so much original Apple hardware and software, too, which made me feel nostalgic for my days of developing for System 7! By far the most hilarious interview is with Jim Reekes, who gave us the foundations of everything we take for granted about sound and QuickTime today. It's so much fun to watch him talk over a couple beers about playing the classic startup sound that we all know, as well as get bitter over his original ideas for iTunes that never came to fruition until he left the company! The DVD has a cool menu structure and lots of bonus material, including uncut extended interviews with everyone. I really enjoyed Welcome to Macintosh, which gave me awesome feelings of how far Apple has come and why I enjoy using their products so much!

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