Three Small Things 3.3.09

I have three Apple-related things to mention, which have nothing to do with Apple's cool new hardware releases today (although I really want to snag a new iMac now!). The first is that I have finally discovered the joy of video playlists on my Apple TV! When I first got my Apple TV, I remembered I wished this feature was possible, but then when it was included in the latest update I forgot about it. The reason it's so great is that now I can make a playlist of a ton of Jpop videos, kick it off, then sit back and enjoy my own personal MTV (with better music and cuter girls). I download and watch at least 5 or 10 new videos every week, then save the best ones that I know I will want to watch again, so now I can watch a whole series of my favorites with one click!

Recently I was poking around for some new wallpaper for my iPhone, and I suddenly got the idea to try one of my scanned Intellivision overlays. The result is pretty cool, since you can just about size the images perfectly (with just a little cut off vertically), which makes it look like I have cool retro game buttons on my iPhone all the time. I've been using Space Battle lately, and now whenever I unlock my phone I have the urge to click Return to Base!

Although I love getting up early, I've been really bad at making it happen for the past couple months. I think I've decided my alarm clock sound is completely unbearable (I actually dreamed it was a dentist's drill once), so I hate setting it. Last night I suddenly got a clue and realized I should just use my iPhone alarm clock, since I have lots of beautiful soothing ringtones that I bought from iRingPro. Today my new pleasant alarm woke me up on time and I had a great morning!

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