The Phantom of the Opera : 3 of 5

When I saw this movie version of the musical back in 2005, I enjoyed it enough to put this DVD on my Amazon Wish List, and then completely forgot all about it. But when Amazon had a $5 dollar sale recently, I decided to finally pick it up (I was originally going to get the Special Edition for the bonus material, but for five bucks I was willing to settle for the no-frills version). Even though I have lots of mixed feelings about Phantom (I like the whole horror and opera angle, but the cheese gets a little thick at times), this movie is probably the best way to experience the story, and I actually really enjoyed watching it again on DVD! I like seeing musicals as movies because they add so much that can't be done on stage, like camera moves that swoop into the catacombs below the opera house, seamless mid-song transitions from rehearsal to opening night, and black & white childhood flashbacks. Emmy Rossum was still amazing to see and hear, and I'm surprised she hasn't done much since this movie (I can't believe she's in Dragonball Evolution - what a career move!). My favorite song is still Point of No Return, but as usual, watching this movie means committing to at least three days of hearing these melodies in your head! Something about this music is both inviting and diabolical at the same time - you have been warned! It's kind of ironic that I watched this movie recently, since I'll be staying at the Venetian in Las Vegas this weekend, where they play Phantom music non-stop in the halls!

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