Paul Blart: Mall Cop : 2 of 5

I never dreamed I would actually see this movie after watching the trailer, but my pal Melinda and I just needed something to see, so we ended up going. It was an OK movie with a few laughs, but I was definitely expecting something with a little more full-on comedy. Instead, this movie wants to be part comedy, part romance, part action film, and part sad commentary on eating disorders! The idea of an overly gung-ho mall cop is definitely a good one, and it's fun to see Paul riding his Segway and taking pride in being a "security officer". Then the lonely romance angle comes in, which seems more depressing than inspiring, followed quickly by the weirdest crime plot ever - taking over an entire mall in order to run around and get credit card codes. I also found it completely bizarre that the bad guy gang seemed to made up of Cirque du Soleil rejects, since they are constantly being overly-acrobatic - leaping over displays, sliding down escalators, and zipping through the mall on bikes and skateboards. I lot of the smaller parts are really strange, too - the constantly shirtless Indian ex-boyfriend that keeps calling Paul's borrowed cell phone was downright creepy! I guess it's fair to say that the movie wasn't really boring, so I had a pretty good time in theater, but I can easily say I wouldn't watch it again or recommend it to anyone. Someone else should make a really good, really funny mall cop movie so we can all forget about this one!

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