OCD volume

It doesn't surprise me that I have a few OCD tendencies, since I've become super fastidious after years of living alone. I like all my things "just so" and if something is out of place I have to fix it right away (in fact, after my cleaning service comes by, I have to go around the whole condo straightening up my knick-knacks)! I think one of my weirdest things has to do with the TV volume, which apparently developed soon after I got my HDTV, since when I adjust the volume I can see it displayed on-screen. For whatever reason, I have decided one certain numbers that are "OK" and the rest are "not OK" (it sounds just as funny to me as it does to you!). Numbers that end with 0, 2, 5, and 8 are allowed. I guess I basically like even numbers, but I also like 5 because it seems like a symmetric middle, and then I throw out 4 and 6 because they are too close to 5. Sometimes when a show is too soft on something like volume 22, but a little too loud on 25, I'll just make myself listen to it on 22 or 25 because I just don't like it to be on 23 or 24! Maybe this is the weirdest thing about me, or maybe it's the first in a new career of OCD weirdness. I can't wait to find out! Excuse me, I have to go make sure my refrigerator magnets are pointing the right direction.


  1. you are one strange mofo

  2. Michael,

    I'll take your OCD, and match it – possibly upping the ante.


    I love Grapefruit. I love it so much, that when my wife buys it for me, I'd rather not eat it. Because if I DO eat it, then I'll be out, and wont have any to eat. So when my (very frustrated) wife asks me what kind of fruit to get at the market, I'll tell her grapefruit. She'll then make all sorts of absurd comments about my lineage and their collective intellect, pointing out that we already have grapefruit. I'll then reply that the grapefruit we have has gone bad. She'll then ask “Why didn't you eat it?” to which I'd reply – “Then we wouldn't have any.”

    Boom goes the dynamite.

  3. Wow, that's awesome, Nick! :) May you always have one extra grapefruit spoiling in your fridge!