Manga Mentions 3.09

Video Girl Ai Vol 10: It's time for another variety-less Manga Mentions, since I'm trying to finish or catch up with a couple specific series. Video Girl Ai, which started out so wonderfully, has become drawn-out and semi-boring, but since I can't make myself abandon anything, I just want to get it over with! Moemi becomes surprisingly controlling in this volume (an interesting twist for her otherwise angelic character), and Ai spends some time with Takashi, but overall the plot doesn't move much.

Video Girl Ai Vol 11: As if we needed another delay in the main plot, this volume focuses on Natsumi (sick in the hospital) and her old boyfriend, which serves as a way for Ai and Takashi to help out. The subplot isn't that bad, but it definitely seems like poor timing, although it does give Ai a reason to get back with Yota. Oh well, this series can't go on for much longer!

Nodame Cantabile Vol 13: On the other hand, I still can't get enough of Nodame Cantabile, so I don't care how long this series lasts! I decided to read three volumes in a row so I could get caught up with the translated publishing schedule, so now I'll have to wait a few months for each new volume to come out, which will allow me to branch out in my manga reading! In this Christmas-time volume, Chiaki gets a job conducting an orchestra filled with awful players, and the Chinese pianist Rui returns to shake things up.

Nodame Cantabile Vol 14: Chiaki continues to have problems with his orchestra, while everyone else focuses on their final exams. There are some cute and funny moments as Nodame gets stressed out, but of course she gets a good grade (just barely!). The musical notes focus on traditional instruments this time - I always learn new facts from this manga!

Nodame Cantabile Vol 15: Nodame plays a recital for a rich Mozart fan, decked out in full costume with a wig! Although you would think illustrations of someone playing piano would get boring, the recital scene is amazing, with tons of information about each piece Nodame plays and lots of audience reactions - it really makes you want to be there listening! There are also a couple touching scenes where stoic Chiaki reveals he really does love Nodame, but now I have to wait until July for the next volume!

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