Kodomo no ranchi

About a week ago, I was having dinner with my pals Matt & Kumiko, and I mentioned that I had often seen tako-san wieners in anime and manga and on Japanese cooking shows, and I always wanted to eat some. (Tako is octopus in Japanese, so if you cut part of a little wiener to make "legs", it looks like a little octopus.) Kumiko started thinking about all of the typical foods that Japanese kids eat for lunch, and soon Matt & Kumiko invited me over for a kiddie feast! Kumiko and her friend Naoko made 11 different items, and Matt and I got to help out, too. It was really fun to eat lots of new things, and afterwards Matt made everyone a giant ice cream parfait (another common Japanese thing you see all the time in anime)! It was a delicious afternoon, and I'm really touched that Matt & Kumiko would do such a nice thing to satisfy my tako-san curiosity!

View photos: Japanese Kids Lunch

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