Godzilla 2000 : 3 of 5

My goal of watching every Godzilla movie in order is starting to come to an end, since this is the first film in the Millennium series (which was released in 1999 in Japan). It's also the only Godzilla movie that I actually saw at the theater, and according to my super-short review, I thought it was pretty cool even without the sprawling Godzilla history that I'm aware of now! Godzilla 2000 is full of good things and bad things, but overall it's not one of those Godzilla movies that you immediately want to watch over again. The special effects are really good for the most part, although I'm not a big fan of Godzilla's redesign, which is much too spiky and toothy for my taste (though he does look awesome when lit by search lights!). The enemy this time is an alien force looking for Godzilla's regenerative DNA, which means Godzilla gets to fight a flying silver CG spaceship most of the time, until it finally transforms into the kaiju called Orga for the big final battle, which is definitely the highlight of the film. Regardless of how I feel about the suit, the Godzilla suit acting is fantastic, especially when he stops to "power up" to let a huge beam fly by flinging his head. The end of the fight is one of the weirdest kaiju scenes on film, since Orga attempts to swallow Godzilla whole! As far as the human characters go, I really liked the father and daughter who run the Godzilla Prediction Network, except for the hilarious final line of the film, "Godzilla is inside each one of us" (I remember dying laughing in the theater, too). Although this DVD only includes the dubbed version, it actually has a surprisingly fascinating commentary track with the US producer and editing team. I'm looking forward to the next film of the Millennium series!

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