Animaniacs Vol 2 : 4 of 5

Yesterday I finished up the second season of Animaniacs, another great DVD set from my Christmas stash! It took me several days to watch all five DVDs, but I really enjoyed this 1993 season, which includes a few of my favorite moments from the series. Bubba Bo Bob Brain is definitely the best Pinky and the Brain episode ever, since it so accurately parodies country music (with lots of celebrity cameos), and the awesome Video Review is great because it's a modern version of the classic "living book covers" shorts, only set in a video rental store (it even has a fun Star Wars reference)! Lots of super-short segments occur in this season, too - Dot's Poetry Corner is always pretty funny, but Good Idea/Bad Idea often falls flat. There are quite a few shows with longer stories this time, parodying everything from Moby Dick and Dracula to A Christmas Carol (there are two nice Christmas episodes at the end of the season). There's also a rare Minerva Mink segment, who was such a hottie character that the network made them cut her career short (too bad!). As usual, I also had fun paying attention to details like the re-use of classic Warner Bros. musical cues in the score, and some cool techniques like the crazy upward angle background art used in Pinky and the Brain. Unfortunately, there's only one bonus feature on this set, an interesting 30-minute writers panel of 15 people who worked on the show. It's great to hear them all say it was the most creative job they ever had, and their memories of the artistic freedom on the show certainly explain why Animaniacs is still popular today. Now that I've got the first season and second season in my collection, I suppose I'll have to go for the third season when Christmas rolls around again!

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