TV console with modifications

One goal I'm always working towards is replacing my furniture with nice stuff (I like to call it "big boy furniture"), and I'm now enjoying my first piece of the year - a new TV console to hold my HDTV and other goodies. It took some time to find what I needed, since I wanted something fairly simple without glass doors, and I had to make sure it was narrow enough to fit in a wall alcove, but I finally found one I liked. Even though it was more expensive than I had hoped, I saved a little by bringing in a printed web page that still showed an older price! The console came in this weekend, and thanks to my pal Chris and his Honda Element, we were able to pick it up ourselves and save the stupid $100 delivery fee. When I inspected the piece, I noticed a little ding on the front edge, but there was no way I could wait a full month for a replacement, so they offered me a $100 price adjustment (more savings!). Setting everything up should have been easy, but I ran into a problem caused either by insane design or ignorant assembly. The middle shelf had no access to wire holes in the back, and the shelf was screwed in flush against the back, meaning it was totally cut off from other available holes (a little hard to explain here, but something had to be done!). The quickest solution for me was to make my own hole, so I ended up drilling a line of small holes and cutting through them with a kitchen knife (I hate handyman stuff, so I have no tools - luckily I had the drill from hanging PEZ shelves!). Now everything is A-OK and looks great! It's certainly much better than the old coffee table that was using, and it's so nice watching the HDTV at an appropriate height. Check out my low-res photo on Flickr to see where everything goes!

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