Three Small Things 2.18.09

I just finished shredding a year's worth of old statements and other paper documents, which was easy to do with my semi-heavy duty shredder, but while I was doing it I realized that all of those documents did nothing but take up space for the past few years. I don't even look at new statements anymore since I can see everything online! Previously I had been reluctant to switch over to paperless options from my bank, credit cards, and so on, but I suddenly decided it was time. I've just switched everything I can, so instead of all that paper I'm just going to get email messages!

I used to be much more of a coffee snob than I am now. Recently I started trying out different kinds of coffee from the grocery store, and I've been buying it pre-ground (just to be lazy). I used to always grind my own beans, but now I haven't used my grinder in several months, so I just cleaned it up and put it away. Sometimes being lazy helps reduce countertop clutter!

I finished my second complete course on iKnow today! It's been fun to watch my stats get better, and it's definitely a nice way to keep the Japanese from falling out of my head. The next course has some really tough vocabulary, though, so my days of coasting are over!

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