Quick stops to Japan and China

I didn't really have any plans for the second day of my Los Angeles visit, so Dae suggested we check out the Huntington Library. This is actually a huge complex which is a combination historical document library, art museum, and series of massive botanical gardens! First we took a look at the library, where we saw an exhibit of original hand-written documents by Abraham Lincoln, as well as cool medieval manuscripts and even early Shakespeare folios. The art museum is primarily filled with portraits, including the original George Washington pose that everyone knows, as well as the famous Blue Boy and Pinkie. Next we walked around the gardens, focusing mainly on the Japanese and Chinese sections, both of which were huge, with tons of appropriate architecture. We stayed as long as we could, but we didn't even touch over half of the gardens available to see (we skipped the tropical stuff completely). After a glorious lunch at In-N-Out (so delicious), we stopped by a fancy grocery store to buy tons of snacks for our mini-Oscars party. Ernesto joined us at Dae's condo, and we watched the show, ate a ton, drank most of a bottle of scotch, and talked with Matt & Kumiko (who had their own party in Austin) on the speaker phone. After the awards, Ernesto and I fell asleep on Dae's couches pretty quick (while Dae was watching his favorite Korean TV shows). Stay tuned for the next day at Disneyland!

View photos: Los Angeles 2009 Day 2

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