The New Frontier Vol 2 : 5 of 5

I promise I didn't wait this long to read the second volume of The New Frontier after I enjoyed the first volume so much, I'm just late with my review! In fact, although I usually read in small segments over time, I read this graphic novel in one glorious session - I absolutely couldn't stop until I reached the end (even though I already knew the storyline from the animated DVD). It's tough to express just how great this comic is, from the truly cinematic artwork with beautiful two-page spreads, to the way so many cool heroes are covered, yet somehow the story managed to stir my emotions for each and every one. Actually, I can't remember the last time I cried from reading a comic book, and I completely broke down when Superman (who is assumed dead) returns with Aquaman, even though I knew it was coming! (Although I enjoyed the famous Death of Superman storyline, it didn't cause an emotional reaction in me half as much as The New Frontier did!) The focus on Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter is so fascinating to read, and I also enjoyed the brief scenes of Wonder Woman back on Paradise Island (and the images of the invisible plane defined by her bleeding wounds is unbelievable!). The final scenes of the story, where Kennedy's famous New Frontier speech is presented and illustrated by various historic scenes from the DC continuity, is some of the most majestic artwork imaginable (I cried through these pages, too!). What else can I say? I know I will enjoy hundreds more graphic novels that I will read in the future, but right now I doubt I will ever read one as moving as The New Frontier!

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