Manga Mentions 2.09

Appleseed / The Promethean Challenge Vol 1: I definitely didn't need to start another manga series while I'm reading so many others, but I just had the urge for something more substantial than the shoujo plots I've been into lately (I think I'm feeling the absence of Tezuka now that I've finished Buddha and Phoenix!). Since I completely enjoyed the recent Appleseed movies, I decided to check out the original manga, and so far I love it. The artwork is incredibly detailed (one of Masamune Shirow's trademarks), and the plot unfolds much more slowly than the anime, which makes it really interesting. I can't wait to continue with this series (while finishing up the others I'm reading)!

Dr. Slump Vol 17: Speaking of finishing up, this is the next to last volume of Dr. Slump, and although I'll miss it, this has certainly been one long-ass series for a comedy manga! This volume finally reveals that the Gatchans are actually angels (pretty weird), and has a huge battle when Tsuku-Tsun has to protect Akane on their date, but the best story involves dirty Senbei who invents a way to stop time so he can peek at his wife Midori's panties!

Nodame Cantabile Vol 10: I usually like to keep the variety going and spread my time over several series, but I kind of went nuts and read three volumes of Nodame Cantabile in a row! There's just something about this series that's so relaxing - I love the silly romance and the serious attention to classical music details! This volume begins the Paris plot (which was covered in the TV drama special), including the funny scenes of Nodame learning French by watching her favorite dubbed anime!

Nodame Cantabile Vol 11: This next volume follows the drama special almost exactly, as Chiaki is kind of kidnapped to go on tour with Stresseman and Nodame starts her difficult classes at music school. I really enjoyed the detailed music notes at the end of this volume, which included a lot of history about the pieces performed in the book.

Nodame Cantabile Vol 12: I just couldn't stop reading, so I moved on to this volume right away, which re-introduces Kuroki the oboist, plus a painter who lives in the same apartment building and is inspired by listening to the students practice (he wasn't in the drama that I remember, so it was nice to read something new). While Nodame struggles to learn counterpoint, the manga provides some excellent explanation about what counterpoint is and how Bach perfected it!


  1. i strongly recommend Lone Wolf and Cub if'n you hasn't read it already.

  2. I'll try to check it out in the future - I remember liking the cool size and style of those books, too.