Value of the mundane

I'm only a casual fan of Jpop artist Shoko Nakagawa (or Shokotan to her fans), but I still have lots of her songs in my library, and I like to watch her music videos (I saw her Shiny Gate video many times since the "idol olympics" premise was genius!). Shokotan is kind of a hero to the otaku world since she's open about how much she loves anime, manga, video games, and all kinds of geeky stuff, and I think that's pretty cool. This week I read an article about her and her lifestyle that's been getting attention on several websites, and it ends with a fantastic quote that's surprisingly meaningful:
We only have a limited life. You don't know how many more pictures you can draw. You don't know how many more songs you can sing. You don't know how many more times you can play with your cat. You don't know how many video games you can complete while you're alive.
Lots of people (myself included) sometimes feel guilty for enjoying "mundane" things, since they think they should always be trying to fulfill some lofty cause. But I think you can also have a full life just by finding things that make you happy and diving into them! Most of WEBmikey is just ramblings about all the media I consume, but I'm not ashamed of it - I love all the things I write about, and experiencing these things makes me happy (and since I think happiness can affect others around you, there's even a kind of purpose to it). For me, if I'm really enjoying something, there's no such thing as wasting time, so I'm going to continue to be like Shokotan and fill my life with things I enjoy!