Tinker Bell : 3 of 5

I have to admit that I was completely skeptical about this new movie about Tinker Bell, Peter Pan's constant companion and Disneyland's official mascot, and I was pretty sure that I would have plenty of bad things to say about it. I wasn't sure Tink's transition to CG would work, and I was appalled when I first heard that Tink was going to have an actual voice, but I felt a little better when I heard John Lasseter was involved. Now that I've finally seen the DVD, I'm happy to say that Disney actually pulled it off - they made an entertaining story about a classic character, and even though Tink has been re-invented somewhat, they didn't do anything to disrespect the character (and I didn't even roll my eyes!). The best parts of this new story come at the beginning, where we get to see the "birth" of Tinker Bell (born from a baby's first laugh and awakening in Never Land), as well as other one-of-a-kind scenes like when she designs her classic outfit and puts up her hair in her signature hairdo for the first time! The world of Pixie Hollow is actually really interesting, and Disney has developed a great mythology about the different kinds of fairies and what they do (Tinker Bell is a "Tinker", of course). The story is about Tink's efforts to be a different kind of fairy so she can go to the Mainland (the real world), and there were some really funny scenes where the new fairy characters try to teach her different skills. I have to spoil the end a little bit to say that when Tink delivers the music box she repaired to a little girl who turns out to be baby Wendy, I had a little tear in my eye, which is a huge compliment from me for a direct-to-DVD feature! Animation-wise, I'm glad they got Tink's chubby cheeks right, though at times I think they slimmed her down a little too much (Tink is known for her hips!). It was a great experience to be so surprised by this DVD, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Tink's further adventures in Pixie Hollow!