Step Brothers : 3 of 5

This is yet another Will Ferrell movie that I skipped at the theater, but since his films haven't been that great lately I think I made the right choice. But actually, Step Brothers is ten times as funny as his other recent movies like Semi-Pro, and I'm happy to say that I had a lot of laughs watching this on DVD. The story is about Dale and Brennan, two 40 year old guys who live at home with their single parents, and end up becoming step brothers when their parents get married. Most of the movie is just scene after scene of regular situations that would happen between two boys who first hate each other and then become friends, but seeing grown men act out these situations is pretty funny. It's easy to see from the movie (and proven by the bonus deleted scenes on the DVD) that Will and John C. Reilly ad-lib their way through almost every segment, and it's almost more fun watching them enjoying themselves as actors than getting into the actual result. Eventually their antics cause their parents to divorce, so the boys decide to grow up, and this part of the movie gets a little long and boring. But thankfully, there's a hilarious finale with Will Ferrell singing a romantic opera aria that causes each character to imagine a short fantasy scene, and these are all funny. I liked the mini-message of "Don't lose your dinosaur" (which describes me pretty well!), and the Hong Kong-style playground fight at the end was awesome (especially the John Woo doves). Just don't pay too much attention to the middle of the movie, and I'm sure you'll enjoy Step Brothers, too.