Star Trek view screens

Another bit of nostalgia I discovered over Christmas was the view screen cards from my Star Trek Enterprise Bridge playset for my Mego Star Trek action figures. My Star Trek figures were some of my favorite toys (back before Star Wars toys took over), which is why I've been enjoying buying the new reproductions recently! The bridge playset, which I got for Christmas back in 1975, was mostly vinyl-covered cardboard for the walls, along with some plastic consoles and the captain's chair, plus the cool Transporter feature that was pretty ingenious. It's hard to explain, but you could spin a figure around in a chamber and push a red button to make them "disappear" or a green button to bring them back!

The view screen had two pegs that you could use to hang a card to represent what the crew was seeing on their latest adventure, and even though my playset is long gone, for some reason I saved a couple of these two-sided cards. The quality of the artwork is downright appalling, but I never gave it a second thought back in 1975!

Actually, the same toy company making the reproduction figures is coming out with a reproduction bridge playset very soon. I wasn't planning on buying it, since it requires a lot of display space, but every time I look at the picture the temptation is overwhelming!

View photos: Mego Enterprise View Screen Cards

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