The New Frontier Vol 1 : 5 of 5

After thoroughly enjoying Justice League: The New Frontier animated movie on DVD, I simply had to read the source comic books, so I got The New Frontier (collected into a two volume series) for Christmas! It's been fantastic to experience scenes from the DVD in their original form (demonstrating how closely the animation follows the story), as well as entirely new segments that are completely fascinating (such as scenes featuring the Challengers of the Unknown and John Henry, or the included faux magazine article that reminded me of the same technique used in Watchmen). I also enjoyed how an identical scene can have different nuances depending on the medium - for example, the Martian Manhunter's internal dialogue while he watches TV to learn human culture is unique to the reading experience, but in both the DVD and the comic book this scene still works beautifully. The artwork is stunning with an incredible retro style (I love seeing the 40s and 50s fashion and hairstyles, and all of the women are drawn so cool!), and the panel layout is extremely effective, with almost every page presented as three horizontal panels, giving the artist lots of room and a cinematic widescreen look! The great artwork also extends to the covers gallery, each of which would look great hanging on the wall. Finally, the epic story is so creative, and beautifully blends together lots of subplots, locations, and enough hero name-dropping to make you want to read every story of the DC universe. I'm not going to waste any time getting into Volume 2!


  1. Absolutely - the books and animated film are amazing!

    I so love Darwin Cooke's idea of setting the stories in that historical space between the end of the Golden Age of comics and the first appearance of the Justice League in the 1950s.


  2. I remember your previous praise of the film, Chris, and your comments helped drive me toward reading the books - so thanks! :)