The Muppet Show / Season Three : 4 of 5

This year's Christmas DVD sets are disappearing one by one, and my latest accomplishment is finishing this four-DVD set of The Muppet Show! I've enjoyed watching this series for the past couple years, and it's amazing how little I actually remember from when it was on the air, making it even more fun to experience. By the time this season rolled around, you can tell the show was a success, making it easy to get bigger name guest stars, as well as stage huge finale numbers with cool sets! It's always fun to see how stars like Rachel Welch, Liberace, Alice Cooper, and even Sylvester Stallone interact with the Muppets, as well as the unique unexpected plots that happen. In Loretta Lynn's show, the entire episode is moved to a train station, with completely new sets (and even an entirely re-shot opening theme) including a hand car for Kermit and Gonzo to ride (with some nice full-body Muppet work). There's even an all Robin Hood episode with Lynn Redgrave! This season also introduces some new characters like Gladys, the lady who works in the stage cafeteria (and one of the ugliest Muppets ever made!), and Annie Sue, another female pig who becomes a rival for Miss Piggy. Unfortunately, my favorite feature from the first season DVD set is still missing - I would have loved to see these shows with a trivia track. However, there's a pretty amazing black & white show from 1970 where Jim Henson himself shows how many of the Muppets work (including two-man characters like Rowlf the Dog), as well as a recent 10-minute documentary. While I'm not the kind of Muppet fan that craves to see a particular episode when the moment strikes, I still love taking in an entire season and marveling at the Muppet talent!

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