Entertainment overload

Recently I've been kind of overwhelmed with all the things that are available for me to watch. Normally I think I do an OK job of balancing my activities so I don't spend too many hours in front of the TV, but it seems like there are so many sources screaming at me for attention lately! If you add in the fact that I have an addiction to finishing things (so I often force myself to watch a series to completion even if I don't like it that much), then it becomes pretty tricky.

First, there are regular TV shows that I record on TiVo, but this isn't too bad since I only care about a few current prime-time shows and some cartoons. Next, there's Apple TV, which I use to keep up with several fun video podcasts, as well as tons of Japanese TV shows and music videos that I download. I can also use Boxee on Apple TV to watch lots of great shows on Hulu. On top of that, I'm excited about the DVD sets I got for Christmas, and when I start watching one I can't wait to see it all so I can start the next one! Finally, I like to watch a Netflix DVD fairly regularly to keep my queue flowing. But the last straw that's breaking the TV camel's back is Netflix's Watch Instantly on TiVo, because not only am I enjoying series that I missed when they were broadcast, but I feel compelled to watch even semi-crappy movies just because they are available!

Last Saturday I watched so much TV all day that I felt like a blob, so the next day I stayed away from it most of the day and caught up on some reading. The world is definitely changing so just about anything you want to watch is ready to see with no waiting, but now I'm going to have to change with the world - just because it's all available "right now" doesn't mean I have to watch it "right now"!