Disneyland live music

I've still been editing old vacation video every now and then, and I've been enjoying spitting things up into "short subject" clips. It turns out I have lots of footage of the various live music at Disneyland, so I thought I'd mention my latest YouTube videos here (even though I uploaded them some time ago). I remember really enjoying the All-American College Band, which is made up each year of fantastic student musicians from across the country. Their big band arrangements of classic Disney tunes are creative and full of energy, even if their director is really silly to watch! I've only caught the Bayou Brass a couple times, but I really like their sound (and I wish I could try out that ultra-portable drum kit - the whole thing is on wheels!). The Dapper Dans are always fun to watch, and even though the audio quality of my video isn't that great, it was fun to capture someone's birthday with a great Mickey Mouse impression thrown in! I've already linked to my Royal Street Bachelors video here on WEBmikey, but I'm including it again since we're talking about Disneyland bands. I never miss the Bachelors when I visit - their guitarist has been playing there as long as I can remember, and I've even overheard him mention that he knew Walt!

Watch video: All-American College Band
Watch video: Bayou Brass
Watch video: Dapper Dans
Watch video: Royal Street Bachelors

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