Death Note Vol 8 : 3 of 5

I'm still enjoying watching this great anime series in Japanese on DVD, even though I've already seen the whole thing dubbed in English on Cartoon Network (and read the entire manga, of course). There are some big jumps in time to move the plot along, but the major events have to do with the Shinigami Sidoh's arrival, Light's failed plan against Mello that leads to the death of his dad, and the introduction of Mikami to take over as the new operating Kira. Since I know the story so well, I tried to focus on little details, such as Sidoh's love of chocolate (much like Ryuk's craving for apples), as well as the cool animation used when Near stops the angry mob by raining cash on them (the texture mapping on each bill is pretty incredible). Seeing Light's dad on his death bed and knowing that he dies without ever realizing that Light is Kira makes for a really dramatic scene, and one of the strengths of this anime is always getting moments like this right! I really enjoyed the background story for Mikami, played out with some self-narration by the character and revealing plausible reasons why someone could be so disturbed (and come to the same moral conclusions as Light). This DVD has the same old interviews with the dubbing talent, which included the voice artist who originally dubbed the voice of Shampoo in Ranma 1/2! I used to have a huge cartoon crush on Shampoo, so it was shocking to find out her voice came from such a boring looking person. I'm definitely ready for the next DVD, which I think is the final volume of the anime!

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