Bye bye blahs

Each year at the beginning of January I seem to get a little case of post-holiday blahs, and it takes me a while to get fully adjusted to regular life again. This year was kind of strange with New Year's Day being on Thursday, which made Friday seem like a one-day work week, and since all of my free time has been spent in holiday-ish leisure (watching Looney Tunes and eating Christmas candy!), so far reality doesn't feel real. I guess I just like holding on to the holidays, when I know I need to squarely face the new year. Going to church today helped, and I've had a nice weekend of LEGO building which was lots of fun. But speaking of holidays, I should mention the great gifts I received from my pals! Dae and Ernesto created an amazing CD of original tunes and standards that I've been listening to a lot, and my pal Melinda gave me a cool personalized Mickey Mouse watch and a new shirt. Matt & Kumiko treated me to a gourmet feast event at the Alamo Drafthouse on New Year's Eve, Ryan sent me a nice Arizona Highways calendar to hang in my office, and Chris & Eliza gave me Wii pajamas (hilarious and awesome)! I'm so thankful for all my pals and the years of friendship they've given me. I'm sure by the end of this weekend these blahs will be long gone!

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