Another yearly reflection

When I wake up on January 1st each year, I immediately want to spend some time thinking about whatever I was thinking about this day of the previous year! So just like I did last year, it's time for me to take a look at how I did with my resolutions and goals during 2008. Last January I thought about five goal areas to focus on, and in each of them I had successes and failures.

I think I will remember 2008 as the year when I truly embraced the idea of a Simple/Frugal life, and I totally kicked butt with this goal! I did every decluttering project I could dream up, both physical and digital, and even learned to detach from owning things to the point where I could sell some Disney merchandise on eBay. I took every step I could to reduce bills (including ditching my land line phone and getting new insurance), and dramatically shrunk my media purchasing by catching up on the unwatched/unread items I own. The "think twice before buying" motto has helped me all year!

For most of the year I didn't make any real progress in the Health/Fitness area, since my body is pretty much the same as it has been all year long. However, for the last couple months of the year I have finally had a huge breakthrough in avoiding evening pig-out foods (thanks to help from my parents), which will really help me keep this goal going in 2009. That's something to feel great about!

In the area of Creativity/Arts, I managed to see many more symphonies this year, but I wish I had gone to even more events (and I only darkened a museum door once!). At the end of year I made some nice progress in editing old family video footage, but I completely ignored my goal of improving my video skills with new software - maybe I can hit that one in 2009!

One of my goal areas for the past several years has been Japanese Study, and in 2008 I spent most of the year going to tutoring lessons, and finishing up other study methods like Rosetta Stone and several books. It was definitely a good year, but recently I re-prioritized my life and decided to take a Japanese break. However, now I'm excited about light studying with iKnow, so Japanese is (and always will be) a fun obsession for me.

Finally, I'm so lazy about buying large Home Purchases that I have to make it a goal to force me to do it! In 2008 I finally made the switch to HDTV, re-designed my computer workspace with simple tables, and rewarded my rear with a new rocking recliner and comfy couch.

I'm always positive about facing a new year, and I think I can work towards my goals with even more energy in 2009! Of course, I'm going to focus on many of these same areas with only a little tweaking here and there, so please check back one year from today to see how it went!

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