Yes Man : 2 of 5

Normally I would have never seen this movie, since I pretty much despise Jim Carrey, but during my Christmas visit to Oklahoma City my parents and I wanted to see something funny and take advantage of the awesome balcony seating at the Warren Theater (complete with butt warmers!). Jim was a little less stupid than usual, which helped me enjoy the film, and I thought the plot was a pretty good idea. The philosophy of saying "yes" to everything was actually kind of cool, so it was interesting to see how things worked out and where they went wrong. Zooey Deschanel was quirky and cute - it was fun to see her again since I enjoyed her performance in Elf and other films. Jim's boss at the bank was pretty hilarious, too - his Harry Potter party was one of the best parts of the movie! The movie was shot in the Hollywood area, so I also thought it was fun to see so many places that I had just visited a few months ago, including the Griffith Observatory, where they shot a scene next to the exact site-seeing telescope that my friends and I looked through! Actually, I enjoyed the plush balcony experience and the Warren's incredible digital screen more than the film itself, but I'm definitely glad Yes Man was much more bearable than Jim's other crappy movies!

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