Wrapping up Christmas

Christmas was absolutely spectacular this year! I was a little greedier than usual with my wish list, and Santa Dad went crazy and bought everything I wanted! I have so many DVDs, books and games that you'll be reading my reviews of them here on WEBmikey for months. I got a couple of huge gifts that I didn't really expect: a Kodak Zi6 (so I can play around with shooting some HD video) and the Star Wars LEGO Motorized Walking AT-AT! I can't wait to start enjoying all my presents! After all the gift ripping, I enjoyed the Disney parade (first year to see it in 40-inch HD), watched some Looney Tunes DVDs, played Nintendo DS games, ate candy and drank beer until naptime, then woke up for an incredible Christmas dinner by Chef Mom!

Thanks to Christmas falling on Thursday, it's been nice to stay here with Mom & Dad a few more days. We spent more time at the casino (no winnings, but we had lots of fun), saw another movie, and we've been spending each night watching more old home movies. Tomorrow I have to head back to the real world, and I know it will take me a while to adjust, but at least I'll have cool DVDs to help me through the transition! Even though I'm crazy about the stuff I got, the biggest gift of all has been living in a magical Christmas world for the past few days. I love coming to this world every year to spend time with my wonderful parents, where everything is glowing with fun and excitement!

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