World Without a Superman : 3 of 5

After reading The Death of Superman, it's simply impossible not to continue the story with this next collection! World Without a Superman is a really thick volume that collects the Funeral for a Friend series that was published in various DC titles after Superman's big battle with Doomsday. The best parts of these stories focus on individual character emotions, which are dramatic as you would expect. Of course, Lois is in bad shape, Jonathan and Martha Kent are in the terrible situation where they can't even publicly mourn their son's death because of his secret identity, and even Lex Luthor is bent out of shape since his entire life has been devoted to destroying the Man of Steel! There's a wild storyline where scientists from Cadmus actually steal Superman's body to try to create a clone, and the rest of the book is filled with plots about other heroes who try to take over Superman's role as protector of Metropolis. Some of these tales are fantastic, but there are some that are a little too cheesy for my taste. Unfortunately, the end of the book has this really weird out of body sequence after Jonathan Kent's heart attack, and somehow Jonathan converses with Clark/Kal-El in an etherial afterlife and starts to convince him to come back (which we all know will happen somehow!). But even with the mystical ending, this collection was really interesting to read, and I'll definitely be checking out the next volume eventually!

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