Three Small Things 12.7.08

Most of my decluttering projects seem to be digital these days, and recently I've finished working through my entire iTunes library (over 15,000 tracks) to organize things with correct artist names and so on. I've also made sure I have album art for every single track, and I've even deleted some duplicate songs and bombs that I never listen to. Going through everything with multiple views (by artist or by album) was a big help, and it feels great to have it all complete. Now I can move on to my next project, which is pruning seven years worth of photos!

Each year when my parents visit my relatives in Ohio, they go to an orchard and bring me back some fresh apples to enjoy! I've been munching on them for a couple weeks, and they were really delicious. Normally I only buy Gala apples at the grocery store, but it's often hard to find really good ones and I come home empty handed, so it's been nice to have tons of wonderful apples each day. Ohio apples are a nice holiday tradition for me - unfortunately, they're all gone now!

I'm not ashamed of being an Amazon addict, and I use my Amazon Visa every chance I get so I can earn gift certificates to use. Since I recently bought my new MacBook and a few Christmas gifts, my points really went through the roof, and the other day I received four $25 certificates all at once! Of course, right now I'm trying not to buy anything to prepare for Santa's avalanche of gifts, but it's really cool to have $100 waiting for me to spend at my favorite store.