Three Small Things 12.15.08

I promise I do a lot more with my time than watching TV, but today's things all have to do with the magical entertainment box. By far the coolest thing to come along recently is Netflix Watch Instantly streaming on TiVo, which is working beautifully on my wireless network! It's really cool to have 12,000 movies and TV shows ready to play anytime with no additional charge, and the quality is great. It looks especially spectacular on newer shows that are actually streaming in HD! The only negative aspect is now I'm tempted to watch crappy movies that I would never actually rent, just because they are instantly available, but hopefully that feeling will wear off. I'm mainly enjoying catching up on 30 Rock, since I haven't seen the first couple seasons, and I also watched The Santa Clause 3 again recently (which is definitely kind of a dud, but I have to watch Christmas stuff this time of year!).

I finally got a call from Time Warner about the availability of the almost mythical tuning adapter (so I can watch switched digital video (SDV) channels on my cable card TiVo), so I picked one up this weekend. It was easy to hook up, with only a small snag in getting authorized (which was painlessly solved thanks to the great people on the TiVo Community forums), and now I have several more channels to watch, most in HD! None of the new stuff is really earth-shattering (I'm mostly excited to have Boomerang again), but now as new HD channels get added I'll be able to check them out.

I also have to admit that over the past month or so I actually re-watched all 50 episodes of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (the live action series). I don't know what gave me the urge to check it out again, but it was still lots of fun! Surprisingly, I had forgotten some major plot points of the story, so it was pretty exciting, too. I really enjoyed being able to understand much more Japanese this time, since I originally saw the show four years ago - it's nice to have an indicator that my language skills really have improved a little!