Morning Musume / Cover You : 4 of 5

Normally I would wait until I had some other CDs to review in my usual Music Moments post, but Morning Musume's latest CD is so unique and enjoyable that I thought it deserves a solo review! Cover You is a collection of classic Japanese pop hits by the lyricist Yuu Aku, most famous for writing Pink Lady hits like Pepper Keibu and UFO (both of which are on this CD). I wasn't sure what to expect from an album full of 1970s era music sung by Morning Musume, but I'm totally impressed by the production quality, the awesome Momusu-ized arrangements, and the great variety of styles on this CD! Of course, there's an abundance of Ai-chan's strong singing voice all over the place, but everyone else does an amazing job filling these often cheesy songs with emotion and energy (I always love hearing Sayumi's voice giving it all she's got!). It's really wonderful to listen to a whole CD of practically new material, since only two of these songs were released on the Pepper Keibu single. My favorite tracks are Seishun Jidai, which has some fantastic piano work and sounds just like a tokusatsu theme song to me, and I also love Koi no Dial 6700 with its rock and roll feel. It was fun to recognize many of these songs from watching Japanese music TV shows - I had already heard hits like Watashi no Aoi Tori and Izakaya many times. There's only one track that I keep skipping over, since Koharu's antics make me queasy, but other than that I've really enjoyed hearing this CD over and over in my car! I'm interested in finding out if and how these great songs will be integrated into Morning Musume's future concerts - I really want to see them performed live!

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