Manga Mentions 12.08

These two sentence reviews of the same old series are probably getting boring, and this time around all of the series I'm reading weren't very exciting. I promise I'll start something new to mention next time!

Hikaru no Go Vol 13: Sai (the Go master spirit that haunts Hikaru) really wants to play against Toya Meijin, and since he's in the hospital, it's the perfect chance to face him in an online game. There are scenes of Go fans all over the world watching the game on their computer monitors, which is kind of exciting, but I'm still waiting to know what this "divine move" is all about!

Monster Vol 12: This volume follows Inspector Lunge and Tenma as they track down Johan's past through the creepy storybook, and includes some terrifying psychological manipulation of some poor kid by Johan! Although it seems like things are beginning to wrap up, I have a feeling this series has a long way to go!

Kaze Hikaru Vol 10: As always, this series boasts wonderful artwork and interesting historical accuracy, but hardly anything happened in the story this time. Ito Kashitaro, a legendary effeminate samurai, arrives and tries to get it on with Sei, which kicks up some good emotions between Sei and Soji, but overall this was a snoozer volume.

Nodame Cantabile Vol 9: After Nodame's piano competition, she goes home to stay with her family, and I thought it was cool how the translator decided to leave their rural dialect in Japanese for effect! After a few funny boyfriend moments when Chiaki goes to find her, they agree to study abroad together, thus ending the first broad Japan arc of the story.

Video Girl Ai Vol 9: This volume is all about teenage tension, with hardly any mention of the video tape aspects of the plot. Yota and Moemi are together, but Moemi is jealous since Ai is helping Yota work on his children's book, and there are pages of agony over who should call who and what to say. I love these characters, but I wish they would do something rather than just think about it all the time!

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