Last of the Jedi Vol 5 / Jude Watson : 3 of 5

Even though I keep hoping this series will focus more on Obi-Wan, it's becoming obvious that the Last of the Jedi is really about Feris Olin and his band of Jedi remnants that are slowly forming into an Alliance of their own. I love it when these stories have solid connections into characters and worlds in the Star Wars movie universe, but this volume is particularly cool since it also directly ties in with plotlines from the Jedi Quest series! The major bad guy this time is Bog Divnian, who went up against Feris and Anakin both in another story, and the plot also involves Astri, who was actually kind of a love interest for young Obi-Wan! Darth Vader also plays a part in this story, and there is an amazing moment where he has to meet Feris (who is blackmailed into working for the Empire). Of course, he recognizes his childhood friend, but can't say anything since his identity as Anakin is lost to the personna of Darth Vader. Jude Watson really writes Vader well, always getting into his head and revealing his inner thoughts to the reader, which really expands on the character, since he's the true center of the Star Wars saga after all! Although the Emperor also has scenes in this story, he certainly never lets loose with Force lightening, so I have no idea why the cover of this book is so scary! As usual, this is a great story (even a little better than usual) and a quick read, and it makes me want to get into the next book really soon!

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