A few Disneyland videos

Lately I've been spending some time editing old Disney vacation video footage and making short clips for YouTube. During my years of Disneyland trips I've shot quite a lot of stuff, and it's really fun to go over again to chop it up into parades and performances and things. This is one of those projects that I've always wanted to do, but I never made the time for it before. But since I already had the ball rolling with editing old Christmas video, it was easy to keep going! Most of these movies won't be too interesting unless you're a Disneyland fan, and I'm sure there are much better videos that capture these same things, but I like getting them off the tapes I never watch and putting them on YouTube where I might take a peek every now and then. And there's lots more to come (eventually)! If you check these out, be sure to click the Watch in high quality link below the video if it's available, since I've finally started uploading stuff with better resolution.

Watch video: Disney's Parade of the Stars
Watch video: Royal Street Bachelors
Watch video: Winnie the Pooh Attraction
Watch video: Disney's Electrical Parade

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