Disney Christmas spirit

Every year I like to watch my small collection of holiday DVDs, and this year I've been getting through them kind of early, thanks to a cold that's been keeping me stuck in my rocking chair for the past few nights. But blowing my nose can't keep my Christmas spirit down, especially when it comes to Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas! The first DVD was a low budget production with cheap animation quality, but I love the stories! Goofy and his son Max have some really emotional moments, and Mickey & Minnie's version of Gift of the Magi is so great that watching it made me make a donation to Toys for Tots right there on the spot! The second DVD was originally controversial since it presents the classic Disney characters in full CG, but I'm still really impressed with the results. The opening ice skating battle between Minnie & Daisy is spectacular and funny, and the story of Pluto running away (to the North Pole) and Mickey wandering the town searching for him is so dramatic. I also always watch Mickey's Magical Christmas, which is essentially a long episode of the House of Mouse TV series. Most of the DVD is pretty bad, but I still watch it since the second half includes the classic Mickey's Christmas Carol, which I always enjoy. I always laugh at the giant from Mickey and the Beanstalk playing the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the way they used all the Mr. Toad characters is pure genius. It's also cool that so many of today's star animators worked on that film when they were just getting started at Disney!

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