Christmas nostalgia

Christmas is still marching on here in Oklahoma City, and we've been doing fun holiday activities like driving around to look at Christmas lights (the best house of all is actually in my parents' neighborhood!) and going to an amazing concert at church featuring Steve Green! We've also completed our yearly tradition of watching all the old Christmas movies (including my newly edited editions), and it's always fun to see Mom & Dad younger than I am now ripping open their presents. It's also interesting to see myself going nuts over vintage Star Wars stuff, and here I am over 30 years later still getting Star Wars merchandise for Christmas (and loving it)! There's been a nostalgic theme going on, since Mom dug out my old baby clothes so we could look at them, and Dad discovered some old toys of mine (which I immediately photographed to post sometime soon). We even found over 40 VHS-C tapes of even more home movies that I've been dubbing to MiniDV, so I have a lifetime of editing ahead of me! We've also seen a movie in the fabulous Warren Theater balcony, we're still working on the annual jigsaw puzzle, and today we're making our second trip to the casino, looking for a Christmas jackpot!

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