Christmas catch-up

Christmas is completely underway, so I thought I should take a break from building the yearly jigsaw puzzle with Dad to update WEBmikey! Things got off to a foggy start when Rudolph's nose didn't show up to help my flight get to Oklahoma City, so I had to spend the night in Dallas, but thankfully everything went smoothly the next morning and soon I was with Mom & Dad in Christmas Town USA! Mom got a new beautiful tree this year with more lights, plus new pearl garland that looks spectacular. Right away I got started with the usual holiday technology services - this year I hooked up a better wireless router for Dad, then got the new DVR going and trained everyone on how to use it. Mom has been meeting my holiday calorie requirement with hamburgers and homemade chips, eggs benedict, and macaroni and cheese! Of course, we've also been opening gifts each night and watching home videos of Christmases from years ago. It seems like we've had so much fun already, and there's so many more things to do - I'll try to write more often so I won't forget to mention it all!

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