Bedtime Stories: 3 of 5

My parents and I decided we had to get another dose of Warren Theater balcony luxury, so we decided to go to a second movie during my Christmas visit. I had been interested in Bedtime Stories since the trailer looked pretty funny, plus I like Adam Sandler, and of course I like going to see anything by Disney! My favorite aspect of this movie is that it includes mini-movies of several genres to show the stories that Adam is telling to the kids, so we get to see a Western, a Roman gladiator film, and even a sci-fi epic. All of these are full of cheesy cliches, but that's what makes them fun! My least favorite part of the movie is Bugsy the guinea pig, who seems to only exist for a cheap laugh - he adds absolutely nothing to the plot, and his CGI design is so goofy looking that he's actually distracting. The story is pretty clever and interesting, although there's never a hint of explanation why the kids have the power to make stories affect real life (maybe Bugsy was supposed to be magic). Besides Adam's love interest Keri Russell, there are lots of extra characters thrown into the mix - I thought his hotel work buddy was pretty wild and funny. The finale is exciting, although there's no earth-shattering character development, but since everything else was entertaining I guess I can forgive that. Of course, the best part of seeing Bedtime Stories was being with my parents at Christmas time (and the banana splits that Dad and I ate didn't hurt either!).

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