Three Small Things 11.4.08

I really like using my HEB "green bag" that I bought a while back (for a mere 99 cents). It's definitely cool to help the environment in a really small way by not using plastic bags, but it's also super convenient, too! The green bag holds much more food since it has a nice flat bottom, and the handles make it so easy to carry. I always keep it in my car for quick grocery trips, which is usually all the grocery shopping I do, so my one green bag generally holds everything I buy!

It feels good to know that I'm brushing my teeth the full recommended two minutes, thanks to the timer built-in to my electric toothbrush. I have a really cheapo model, but it still includes the timer feature that makes it pulsate after you've been brushing two minutes. Some days that feels like I long time, and other days it feels quick, which just proves I have no idea how long I'm brushing my teeth, so I'm glad I have a timer to handle that for me!

I've had Google ads on WEBmikey for years now, but I only get a few clicks per week, so it takes forever to make the minimum $100 to get paid. So, it's a big event for me when I hit the threshold, and I just did! It never hurts to have a "free" $100 check from Google, and I'm looking forward to receiving it (which pretty much pays for my hosting costs).

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