Saturday Night Live / The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse : 3 of 5

Along with Saturday Night Live's commercial parodies, my next favorite part of the show were the hilarious Saturday TV Funhouse segments that appeared every now and then. I used to love seeing these entertaining animated shorts by Robert Smeigel, even though they were sometimes a little too political for my taste (nothing offensive to me, I just don't have enough political opinion to think they were funny). This DVD collects 24 of these cartoons into a program hosted by Ace & Gary, the Ambiguously Gay Duo (definitely the best running series of the bunch), but also includes several more shorts as bonus material, which is great since some of the bonus cartoons are better than the ones they selected for the feature. I was surprised at how many of the cartoons were Disney parodies, rightfully making fun of Disney's direct-to-video sequels (Bambi 2002 is a complete riot), as well as how they used to always mention the "Disney Vault" as they took DVDs off the market. In fact, one of the cartoons is a promo for a new DVD called Journey to the Disney Vault, complete with Mickey and tons of Disney lawyers! Besides the Disney stuff, I really enjoyed the Charlie Brown Christmas segment where the Peanuts realize they can wave their arms around anything to cause a transformation (just like they did to Charlie's little tree), and the Saddam & Osama cartoon is not only funny, but also a perfect reproduction of classic Super Friends style animation, right down to scene changes, narration, and sound effects. Unfortunately, lots of these shorts are pretty boring to me, especially the Fun with Real Audio segments, which are usually presidential speeches animated with outrageous results, but I'm sure most people would enjoy them. It was great to see all of these again - it's been fun renting these Saturday Night Live DVDs!