Cinderella / Austin Lyric Opera : 4 of 5

A new opera season is always exciting, but I was looking forward to this season opener even more than usual, since it was my first time to experience Rossini's Cinderella, plus I was anxious to find out where my new seats for the season were! My seats turned out to be quite a bit to the side, but they are so close to the stage that it doesn't matter at all (and in fact, I'll be able to beat the crowd at intermission for a drink!). The opera was fantastic for many reasons, including the original take on the classic fairy tale (no hint of Disney), the incredible performances, and the genius decision to set the whole story in 1930's Hollywood, with beautiful sets and spectacular period costumes. I was really pleased to see Sandra Piques Eddy perform again (she was amazing in The Barber of Seville a few seasons ago), who is definitely a triple threat on the stage - she has a wonderful voice and range (I was surprised to hear some of the low notes that Rossini wrote), perfect comedic timing, and she's absolutely beautiful as well! The libretto is really funny and I really enjoyed such a unique version of the plot, with elements such as the movie producer taking the place of the Fairy Godmother. Rossini's music is light-hearted and energetic, so everyone in the audience couldn't help but love it - I tend to like my operas with a little more tragedy, but Cinderella was still a magical treat. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the rest of the opera season!

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