Three Small Things 10.11.08

Last weekend the external hard drive that I use to store my 14,000 iTunes tracks decided to bite the dust! It had been cranking away under heavy use for over eight years (which is a pretty long time for a hard drive), so I wasn't too surprised. You would think that would be a really bad thing, but here's the good part! I backup stuff once a month, and had just done my monthly backup the day before, so even with the crash I lost absolutely nothing - not a single file! That's some pretty amazing timing. I've already bought a new replacement 500 GB drive, which turned out to be $100 bucks cheaper than the one I bought last year!

I was contacted by an author in Austria (of all places) who might want to use one of my PEZ photos on the cover of his self-published book (which is about eBay selling). It's kind of nice when the web makes stuff like this possible - I hope he ends up using the picture!

I use the Netflix one-at-a-time unlimited plan, so when I finish watching a DVD, I like to get the next one in my queue as soon as possible (and I just watch Japanese TV shows in the meantime). I discovered that if I drop my DVD envelope off at the post office (which is conveniently on my way to work), they will usually tell me they've received it the very next morning and ship the next DVD later that day! The turn-around time is about a day faster than sending them from my own mailbox, and I'm really enjoying getting DVDs more often.