Three Small Things 10.4.08

When my parents bought me my new iPhone 3G, I gave Dad my old iPhone since he was interested in using it on WiFi around the house (after all, he originally bought the old iPhone, too!). I figured Dad would have fun doing a little web surfing, but I had no idea how much he would get into the iTunes App Store! Dad is totally addicted to downloading just about every free app available, and he's having a great time playing with the iPhone, learning all about the features and buying accessories and so on (you can always tell Dad is into something when he buys a case for it). I'm always happy to see Dad excited about cool products and technology!

Even though I spend most of my DVD time watching Netflix movies, I recently took a break and decided to re-watch some of my favorites from my collection. It was really nice to enjoy Lost in Translation, Amadeus, and even Logan's Run all over again, and it felt cool to actually make use of the DVDs on my shelf! I even wanted to see Planet of the Apes again, but I realized my copy wasn't anamorphic, so I need to re-buy it sometime.

Mom left me a little bag of candy during my parents' last visit, full of peppermint Life Savers and other things I like. It's nice to grab one after lunch before I head back to work, and I always think of Mom and all the things she does to make me happy. That's a lot of good feeling from a tiny piece of candy!