Semi-Pro : 2 of 5

I remember when the trailers for this movie first came out, I thought to myself this would be something that my pals and I would see during our usual Sunday night get-togethers, but for some reason we never went. Will Ferrell is a funny guy, so even though his movies seem to be getting worse and worse, I decided to rent Semi-Pro anyway. Unfortunately, the trend continues, making this pretty much my least favorite Will Ferrell comedy. Actually, I'm not even sure "comedy" is the right word - Semi-Pro has a funny storyline, of course, but about half way through they movie I was thinking someone forgot to put the jokes in! Seriously, the story just moves along with hardly a single moment worthy of a chuckle - the funniest gag is the Love Me Sexy song, which was already overused in the trailer. I was close to giving Semi-Pro my rare one star rating, but the fact that I was at least interested enough to make it to the end of the movie bumps it up to a two. The story starts out OK, with 70s singer Jackie Moon buying the Flint Tropics basketball team and becoming a player/owner/coach who has to get the team into the top four to make it to the NBA. The idea definitely sounds good, and setting it in the 70s made for some nice sets and clothes (and I loved seeing the original TV Pong game!), so this would have been pretty cool if they had just gone a little more crazy. I think they were stuck in the feel-good sports movie style when I wanted to see more off-the-wall stuff from Anchorman! Oh well, there's always another movie in my Netflix queue to make up for the bad ones.