Manga Mentions 10.08

I'm still working on the same old series, but a few of them are winding down. I'm looking forward to choosing some new titles after I finish these!

Nodame Cantabile Vol 7: This volume of the story was almost exactly like the Nodame Cantabile drama, with no extra bonus scenes, but I really didn't mind, since I love this part of the series. I'm always inspired to read about life goals through the voice of manga characters, and the oboe player says one of the best lines ever in this volume when he's asked why he works hard practicing: "I'm happy if I can play oboe well, and I'm happier if I can play it better."

xxxHolic Vol 12: Back when I started this series, I knew it had some crossover elements with Tsubasa (another Clamp manga that I wasn't interested in), but they always claimed each story would stand alone. Unfortunately, this volume is full of a dream conversation with Princess Sakura from Tsubasa, which was kind of annoying. I'm curious about the wish for Yuko, but the whole thing is a little confusing!

Dr. Slump Vol 17: This manga has been going on so long that there just can't be much more happening in good old Penguin Village! This volume has a lot of interaction with the author Toriyama himself (such as Q&A pages and so on), and finally returns to some hilarious pervert moments for Senbei! I enjoyed the glimpse into the future and finding out which characters get married, too!

Video Girl Ai Vol 8: Although I like this manga, I always feel like I'm still reading I''s (incredibly similar story by the same artist)! Yota finally confesses to Moemi in this volume, and they enjoy some tender moments together, but Ai's video tape (her lifeline) starts getting jammed or something in the VCR, so there's trouble ahead!

Nodame Cantabile Vol 8: I usually try to space out my reading among more titles, but I couldn't resist reading another Nodame volume this time. This was another fast one, with lots of text-less pages during big Rising Star Orchestra performances. Even though these go by quickly, I love how they make sure you know exactly which classical piece is being played - nice detail!