Godzilla vs Mothra / The Battle for Earth : 4 of 5

The DVD for Godzilla vs King Ghidorah was actually a double-feature, so I was able to watch this next Heisei era film from 1992 right away. Mothra is back this time around (in both larvae and winged forms), along with an evil "Black Mothra" named Battra, who is one bad-ass kaiju! The main character this time is an Indiana Jones type adventurer (who is introduced with a total Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off scene) who travels to Infant Island and learns about Battra from the Cosmos (which is the name of the "small beauties" who sing to Mothra this time). There's a huge theme about the Earth taking revenge for environmental problems, and apparently Battra was created for that reason. The first major battle occurs at sea, with larvae Mothra and Battra plus Godzilla (who kind of has funny looking ears now), and the swimming effects are really cool! Eventually they end up on land, of course, where Mothra spins her cocoon and finally transforms into all her orange-winged beauty. Battra, on the other hand, transforms in the blink of an eye, and looks totally evil and creepy (I have to say Battra is awesome)! After a really interesting "dogfight" in the sky between Mothra and Battra, they make their way to Yokohama to take on Godzilla himself, teaming up to battle the greater evil. The Yokohama miniature set is spectacular - there are some wide shots showing all of the familiar buildings and ferris wheel including the three monsters that totally blew me away! The fight is kind of slow-paced, but it's fun to see them bury Godzilla under the ferris wheel and carry him out to sea. I really didn't get into the characters very much (partially thanks to the horrendous dubbing), but I was so impressed with the large-scale battles that I really enjoyed myself!