Glengarry Glen Ross / City Theater : 4 of 5

I haven't been to many plays recently, but when my pal Conrad let me know that he had a role in David Mamet's amazing Glengarry Glen Ross, I had to go see it! I've always enjoyed Mamet's work for it's intensity and realism, and this play is no exception. Even though I know nothing about the world of cut-throat real estate salesman, somehow this story makes you simultaneously despise and feel sorry for each of the characters. Reading Mamet's dialogue is a real challenge - he almost never finishes a sentence (exactly like real people talk!), but this cast pulled off the difficult lines with expert timing. There are so many fascinating, rambling speeches that surprisingly get across real philosophical points, and it's totally up to actors to make that happen. Conrad did an amazing job - I've really enjoyed seeing his acting prowess grow in past productions, and now it feels like he's hit the big time! The office set was realistic and expansive, but the Chinese restaurant set wasn't so great (although they did what they could with limited space), and other details like lighting and the use of music were all good. But for a play like Glengarry Glen Ross, none of that really matters - it's all about the acting, and the cast completely delivered. This was my first production to see at City Theater, and I'll definitely keep my eyes open for their shows in the future!